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Hot Lunch Announces School Lunch Software Special Offer for Schools

Press Release: November 28, 2020

Torrance, CA, USA November 18, 2020--HotLunch.com has announced a special offer for schools who are looking for a way to automate their school lunch ordering and management process. HotLunch.com offers a free trial of their school lunch software for first time customers.

With an increase in need to social distance when attending in-person school, minimizing contact during school lunch is critical.  HotLunch.com allows parents to order their child’s school lunch entirely online.  Instead of handing over cash and paper forms, with HotLunch.com students will simply state their name or ID number and receive their school lunch choice. Parents can also access nutrition and allergy information for each school lunch option on the HotLunch.com online menus.  This feature helps the school be transparent with the lunch they are providing and helps parents to have control of the nutrition their child eats while at school.

For food service providers, HotLunch.com is a school software that saves them time and money.  The school lunch software helps food service providers to track orders, report for the future, and manage payments. Food service providers who manage multiple schools can use their HotLunch.com account to manage all of their schools in one place–each with their own customizations. HotLunch.com provides their users with email templates so that food service providers can easily communicate with parents.

HotLunch.com has been offering school lunch software since 1999.  Scheduling a free trial with HotLunch.com can make your school lunch program easier to manage for both school lunch providers and parents.  HotLunch.com has a dedicated customer support team that works to ensure customer satisfaction with the school lunch software.

“With Hotlunch.com I feel like I have a team behind me, ready to help my business grow. The support team has gone above and beyond to help me use their software to streamline our production and delivery. Thanks to hotlunch.com my staff and I can spend more time focusing on making great food!” said a HotLunch.com customer in California. 

HotLunch.com streamlines your school lunch program so that you can spend more time doing what you do best. To learn more about HotLunch.com’s special offers, contact sales@hotlunch.com.

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