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Press Release: February 04, 2010

For centuries mankind has loved the horse. Proud, strong, beautiful, loyal and compassionate, and filled with strength and spirit, horses have inspired man for as long as man has existed. As man evolved, he only grew to love horses more, sharing his home and life with his magical hoofed companions, breeding them into even more wondrous shapes and colors than nature has ever provided. In return, the horse has been man's stalwart companion there with him though war and peace, through fierce winters and gentle summers, to carry him to his destiny and be there with him at rest. Come share in the equine magic here at Horsedeals - the UK's number 1 horse sales and equestrian news company!

Our horse sales pages are unrivaled with hundreds of beautiful horses for sale. We have hundreds of purebred horses, racing horses, jumping horses, mares, stallions, and geldings from all over the UK at your fingertips. Use our powerful search to go through our horses for sale to find the perfect companion for yourself or your loved ones; you can find any breed of horse in any color in our sale page. Dozens of new horses for sale are added every single day so if you do not see a horse for sale that you just love, check back in a day or so and you just might find a horse for sale that sparks your fancy!

We also have ponies for sale as well! Never underestimate the power of a pony; these smaller equines make wonderful companions and pets just as horses do and come in a wide variety of colors, breeds and skills. From adorable Shetland ponies, to rugged Welsh ponies, we have them all. Our ponies for sale are also found under our powerful search engine so finding that perfect pony will be a breeze regardless of what breed of pony you desire.

There is no such thing as too much horse info, and so we still have our offline Horsedeals magazine foryoure your handheld equestrian news! Read all the latest news and features in the equestrian world from dressage to world champions in our beautifully illustrated monthly publication. Subscribing for our equestrian newsletter is as simple as one, two, three; just visit our subscription page for fast, easy signup. You can purchase our equestrian news magazine in six month or yearly packages; whichever is most convenient for the horse enthusiasts in your home.

Is just one equestrian news magazine not enough? Then join the Horsedeals community today! Our forums are open for horseplay and pony prattle for everyone all day every day. We also feature a video gallery with amusing and informative equestrian videos and a photo gallery filled with gorgeous imagery of ponies and horses from around the world or just around the corner for you to admire and discuss. You even can upload your own equestrian photos and videos to share with the world.

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Since 2001 Horse Deals is the leading monthly equestrian sales magazine offering expert-made print and online advertising of horse and pony sales, backed by informative, quality editorial enjoyed by professionals, horseowners and horse enthusiasts alike. We are the UK's number one group for everything equestrian.

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