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"Hollywood is giving Jonathan Lopez the ultimate second chance at a Television Series...."

Press Release: June 18, 2020

Despite all the controversy that has surrounded him, NETFLIX may be set to offer Jonathan Lopez a deal for new Original Series:

Under his own "The Jonathan Lopez Company" banner, Jonathan Lopez has spent many years as a professional musician as well as a major talent rep with his own private agency. About 5 years ago Lopez began taking small steps in the direction of Film Directing waiting on a moment he could call his own. 

In 2018 Lopez was charged with grand larceny as well as money laundering charges in an allegation based case to where he was never indicted. During the discovery process of the case where Lopez fully cooperated with the prosecution it was shown that the accusing party and its witnesses fabricated much of the story to authorities with intentions of extorting Lopez for money. "The accusing party filed the charges in January of 2018 and did not give an official statement until October of 2018. At the time Jonathan Lopez was not a suspect and they put this man through utter complete hell." - Silvia H. San Antonio Reporter 

Though it cost him many opportunities, the door was left open to criticism and others attempting to take advantage of the situation, Jonathan did not stop pressing forward. The fact of the matter is everyone deserves another chance and Jonathan Lopez is nothing short of pure raw talent..." - David Nevins Chief Creative Officer - CBS Corporation

Now, despite all the controversy that has surrounded him, NETFLIX may be set to offer Jonathan Lopez a deal for a new Original Series. Reports say the series once had been in the process of its first season when brought to a complete halt as the COVID-19 pandemic began taking its toll on every production in the industry. NETFLIX is now showing much interest in making Lopez's series a new Netflix Original Series.

The drama series is said to be based on Life Guards and Police calling them "The other first responders" showing the aspects of fatherhood, multi-cultural purpose, women empowerment, LGBTQ awareness and single parenting. As of this time it is known that there are plans on casting some of the original sought after cast of the series such as Tom Ellis (Lucifer) who was announced to be leaving the TV series Lucifer just one day ago since an agreement could not be reached and Jaies Baptiste (Throwback Holiday) to be placed in a lead role next to Ellis. Still unsure of the location in which the series will be filmed, sources say the series may be headed somewhere to the islands. 

After speaking with representatives at NETFLIX it was confirmed that Lopez has officially been approached and an official deal is being put in place as plans of beginning the series pilot are being put into motion. It has been made clear that this series will be incredible. 


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