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Holidaymakers happy to ditch the Speedos to go au naturel

Press Release: April 29, 2016

27 April 2016: Traditional speedos have been given a resounding thumbs down – by male holidaymakers in particular - in a survey by leading independent travel agent Traveltext.co.uk, although it’s a different story altogether when it comes to stripping down completely…

Data compiled by the company revealed that an overwhelming 93.1% of those surveyed either wouldn’t been seen dead in the garments themselves, or weren’t overly keen to see them whilst away from home, with only 6.9% in voting in favour.

Tellingly, it was the female clientele who displayed the limited appeal that still exists for the traditional male swimwear, with none of the men questioned prepared to slip on a pair whilst taking a dip in the pool – even surrounded by strangers miles from home.

That’s not to say that all women were turned on by the thought of men strutting their stuff in skimpy swimwear, with only 8.3% giving Speedos a thumbs-up.

Clearly holding more appeal to the younger female - perhaps dreaming of a toned and tanned hunk emerging from the water - it was the 25-34 year old age group who were most likely to be impressed, with 87.5% of those who voted in favour of Speedos falling into that bracket.

Whether ditching the Speedos was simply a question of style or being more body conscious remains to be seen, but – in a somewhat surprising move – it was the men who were more prepared to strip down altogether and go naked on the local nudist beach whilst away from home.

A total of 27.3% of men questioned would be happy to try something new if they found themselves on a nudist beach, slightly beating the 26% of women who were prepared to ditch the swimwear and go au naturel.

The 25-34 year old age bracket were most happy to embrace nudity, with 29% of those prepared to strip off falling between those ages.

“Men have long known that the days when Speedos were cool is long gone,” Traveltext.co.uk Managing Director Chris Brown said. “To be honest, we thought that most women would share a similar view given how they like to tell us blokes they look awful, but clearly there are still a few fans out there.

“What we didn’t expect was that the men who think the good old budgie smugglers should be consigned to the history books would be more likely to strip down altogether on the local nudist beach.

“Clearly it shows the lack of love for the Speedos if they would prefer to let it all hang out rather than wear a pair!”

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