Press Release: July 19, 2016

Holidaymakers have been left nursing serious concerns about the impact that victory for the Leave campaign in the EU Referendum will have on their future travel plans, according to a survey from leading independent travel agent Traveltext.co.uk

Data compiled by the online agent following the much-discussed referendum revealed that more than 85% of respondents were worried in some way about the impact of Brexit on the travel industry.

Those concerns covered a range of different topics, from the overall cost of a holiday through to the fluctuating pound and the possible removal of free healthcare whilst overseas.

Whilst fewer than 10% stated that travel related issues had been a factor when deciding which way to vote, almost 90% insisted they were aware of the possible impacts on holidaying in the EU prior to placing their vote.

That knowledge was based on information gleaned from a wide range of sources, from the UK’s largest travel association ABTA to academic papers written by specialists, and from personal knowledge of both the travel industry and the financial markets through to the wider media.

Following the Leave result, an overwhelming 85.2% expressed concerns about the impact on travel within the EU, with nearly 40% revealing that the vote could force them to change future travel plans; either looking beyond the EU for their holiday or simply taking a break within the UK.

In terms of their concerns, 59.4% of respondents were worried about the possible loss of the European Health Insurance Card, which currently provides holders with access to free or reduced cost healthcare within Europe.

The impact of the vote on the value of the pound against the Euro was of concern to 55.3% of respondents, with just under 50% saying they felt worried that the cost of a holiday within the EU would rise.

Flight prices and compensation regulations, mobile phone charges and the impact of losing free trade and a return to duty free were also of concern to more than 25% of respondents.

“Issues like the economy and immigration have been discussed at length by the media in recent weeks, but the impact of Brexit on the travel industry is something that is clearly of real concern to the general public,” Traveltext.co.uk managing director Chris Brown said. “Although we knew there would be people who were worried what the future holds on the back of the Leave vote, a figure of more than 85% was much higher than we expected, and shows that the impact on travel is a bigger issue than many believed.

“Exactly what impact Brexit will have remains to be seen in the longer term as the government works to negotiate our exit from the European Union, but it is still business as usual in the short term as any EU directives remain in place.”


Respondents were given the chance to select from the following seven options if they had expressed concern over the impact on travel in the EU. The full breakdown is as follows:

• Free or reduced cost healthcare through the EHIC programme could disappear: 59.4%
• The fluctuating pound means I'll get less Euros for my money: 55.3%
• The cost of my holiday could rise: 49%
• Leaving the EU will mean a return to duty free and the loss of freedom of trade: 34.4%
• The price of cheap flights could rise: 33.6%
• Mobile phone roaming charges could increase: 33.2%
• EU directives on compensation for delayed/cancelled flights may disappear: 28.1%

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