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"Historic pandemic moment": World's first bio-vaccine serum against covid-19 developed!

Press Release: December 20, 2020

Now there is a new option to stop the growth of SARS-COV-2. Under the leadership
led by Sandro Zumpe, the development has become a success and is expected to open a new pathway for true freedom from Covid-19.

A recent discovery has created an all-natural vaccine serum based on
natural exosomes and a newly discovered SARS-COV-2 component,
which naturally regulates the RNA sponge manipulation of the virus,
and ensures that the immune system uses an as yet unexplored editing method in the MCH complex to provide long-lasting immunity against the virus and its mutations.

The benefits of this particular option are many. Due to the natural, biological
components, extremely rapid production is possible. As these are also abundant in poor countries countries, it is easy for them to set up their own production. The costs of are extremely low, so that even the poorest countries can take advantage of this and produce their own produce themselves. The usability of the "Covid-19 bio-vaccine serum" for many people would be possible due to the natural
natural ingredients and thus rapid testing procedures. The necessary
logistics for this would also be easy to manage. The ingredients are purely organic and free of genetic modifications genetic modifications, additives, nano- and lipid-transporters or other adjuvants.

Moreover, it is not injected but taken orally and thus also puts a strain on the body, which is already severely attacked by the virus, mitochondrial system, which is already severely attacked by the virus. Due to the above points mentioned above and the naturalness of the ingredients, it is also very well suited to immunise people immunise people who are against conventional vaccinations, or are still undecided, have allergies or other or have other pre-existing conditions, or who may not be able to afford them financially.

The researcher would also like to emphasise once again that, if necessary, he will transfer all rights from development will be made available to institutions, organisations and others free of charge.

A credo that is always important to him in this context is the following
equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their status in health and medical care.

About the researcher:
Sandro Zumpe, is a genetics and mitochondrial researcher and has been working intensively on the outbreak of the the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, has been intensively studying the structure of the virus and its secondary diseases.

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