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HIMSS Partners with AHDA to Organise Australia Digital Health Summit to Focus on Interoperability

Press Release: November 05, 2019

Overview: The HIMSS and AHDA Summit in Sydney is being organized to discuss The Now and Next of Digital Health. The theme of this summit focuses on “Interoperability and connected care.” The emphasis will be on the implementation of MHR (My Health Record) which is an online method saving key health data of an individual. With MHR comes the need to share information securely and streamlined clinical workflow processes that AHDA is working on.

The date for the Event: 20-21 November

Venue for the Event: ICC Sydney, 14 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW, Australia 2000

The motive for the Event: There is an explosion of data in the healthcare industry. Leveraging the data effectively to track the health of the patient and provide him timely attention to avoid deterioration in health is the need of the hour.

The challenge before the healthcare industry is in mining the right quality of data and making data-based decisions regarding health outcomes and predictions.

One of the focus areas for AHDA is to create an interoperability framework for Australia’s healthcare environment to link-up different systems facilitating better sharing of health data. Besides, AHDA has also been investing in facilitating interoperability within the MHR.

One of the primary concerns, when data is shared on such a large scale, is that of data security. The MHR data becomes vulnerable to security issues because it is available to different healthcare providers who may have weak cybersecurity. The Summit will also have speakers addressing the cybersecurity concerns not just on hospital IT systems but also on various healthcare IoT devices.

Some of the Keynote speakers for the event are:

1. Tim Kelsey

CEO, Australian Digital Health Agency, Australia

2. Harold Wolf III

President and CEO HIMSS

3. Dr. Clair Sullivan

Chief Digital Health Officer, Metro North Hospital and Health Service Australia

4. Ben Ferrier

Director Product and Strategy

Future Information Management

5. Richard Staynings

Chief Security Strategist


Who Can Attend the Event:

This event focuses on connected health for patient care. The topics that will be covered include interoperability, cybersecurity, innovation, data, and consumer and patient experience. This Summit is especially meant for Australian Healthcare professionals.

These professionals can be healthcare providers, clinicians, vendors and healthcare consultants, etc.

How to Register for the Event?

If you want to register as a delegate:

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Login to your account or if not registered, go to the Register Now option

Go to the Conference Registration Option

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