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Him & Her: a heartwarming and unique puzzle platformer game

Press Release: June 24, 2020

Him & Her was released June 11th on Nintendo Switch.  This Brazilian indie game features two protagonists in their adventures to rejoin once again. Going across many levels, and solving puzzles to successfully complete them.

In this game the player gets to control Him, a guy who got split apart from his partner in this ever changing scenario, through his journey to meet Her again. Starting a few platforms away from Her, the goal is to find the best path for them to reunite in each of the over 60 increasingly challenging levels.

Its dark themed yet family friendly tone, from the grey world to its compelling soundtrack, will make you enjoy each moment of it as you figure out the correct route to lead you alive to his soulmate.

This title has an innovative mechanic that allows the player to defy gravity – as each character is the source of their own gravity, once Him reaches a wall or is about to fall from a platform’s edge, the whole level flips. What was before the end of the road now creates a plethora of news possibilities of getting to Her. Make walls turn into floors and vice versa.

And we are not even done yet! This game was developed by the indie companies Game Nacional and Guaru, and published by QUByte – being made by Brazilian developers will certainly add a special touch to it.

If you want to learn more about Him & Her, check it out on Nintendo Switch’s eShop.

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