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Hiking Makes You Young and Healthy

Press Release: September 17, 2020

To some, the title may seem misleading because there is no doubt about hiking as a strenuous and energy-consuming activity. It takes a lot of effort and energy to complete one trail. In addition, outdoor elements like insect bites, rough terrain, blisters and bruises, and bad weather condition contribute to the struggle people face when hiking. However, hiking remains a healthy sport that contributes to an individual’s overall wellness. Here are some of the reasons why you should hike despite the struggles present in hiking.

Hiking Contributes to an Individual’s Creativity

This is one of the main reasons why hikers love what they do. Hiking challenges and obstacles allow hikers to become more creative. Trails involve certain degree of difficulty that contribute and enhance problem solving skills of an individual. It is not just about enjoying the scenery but tackling each obstacle with effectiveness and efficiency. This is where you’ll see individuals create techniques that would allow them to cross difficult terrains or avoid obstacles that may potentially hurt them. Hiking is a good training ground if you want to bring the inner McGyver in you.

Hiking Makes One Physically Fit

Without a doubt, hiking makes one remarkably healthy and fit. As mentioned above, hiking contributes to one’s mental health. In addition, the sport allows one to be physically healthy. It is an energy-consuming sport but like going to the gym, the benefits of hiking outweigh the disadvantages. Studies show an hour of walking in the wild burns more than 500 calories. This is much better than going to the gym where all you see are blank walls and gym equipment. In hiking, you get to see beautiful sceneries and landscape while strengthening your core.

Hiking as an Awesome Bonding Activity

The reason why hikers have positive attitude is because the activity allows them to bond not just with other hikers but with nature too. Nature is where you’ll find complete serenity and peace. This is why some people hike to get away from daily stressors like work, traffic, bills, and more. In addition, hiking is a great excuse to bond with people that matter to you. As mentioned, nature provides a place for talking and reflection.

Hiking may prove to be challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, everything will be smooth and easy and that’s the time you reap the benefits of hiking. It makes you physically and mentally fit and your outlook is more positive than usual.

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