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HighSchool internships made possible, by industry pioneer Alacrous

Press Release: August 09, 2020

With the new Education policy in place, For the very first time – Schooling is going to be more than just books, work-experience and knowing what one wants to pursue is set to become an integral part.

Internships are by far, one of the best ways to get an insider view towards an industry or field – In the past, they have been widely limited to college and university students. But with the availability of technology and the new education policy, HighSchool students can pursue internships, as they act a great way to experience the industry that they are planning on opting in for higher studies, or even as a career interest. It helps them get a great look at what a career option looks like, while also helping them in finding industry mentors.

Industry pioneer, Alacrous.com works by helping school students in applying for Internships, monitoring and making sure that the internships are smooth and cushioned, and helping them with the certification through Unique validation codes which make sure that plagiarism has no presence.

The whole process is made for high school students and is completely online – through Alacrous.com

Founded by Teenager Kunal Chandiramani, who is an international bestselling author and a 3x TEDx Speaker, known for having had founded his first company while in School – Alacrous has been0020working with leading organizations, to make quality high school internships possible in India.

Alacrous works with Students, Schools, Youth organization and conferences in India, to help motivated school students who can make the most efficient use of the program. The program comes at no cost to Students, Schools and Organizations.

One of the most unique elements is that these internships are catered specifically for School students, and are made according to their capability. They are made to not consume too much time while still being enriching. One such unique element is the 2-week internship program, An internship that can be completed within 2 weeks – while bringing the same amount of learning and lots of benefits, during and after the program.

Alacrous has been able to gather support from major industry leaders in Education, including Lina Ashar, Education Pioneer and founder of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited and Billabong high international schools, here is what she says:


        "Our youth needs to see and experience risk taking, problem solving, negotiating, collaboration and failing in real companies. Alacrous is a conduit to making this happen and this is what the world and the economy needs. The world needs fewer ‘A’ Graders who ace the classroom without real world experience."

Lina Ashar


One of the most well-known programs is the Mental Health ambassador program, hosted in collaboration with dToks- which helped hundreds of students in interning toward the social cause of ‘breaking the stigma’ around mental health and creating an impact on the society.

Over the past months, Alacrous had helped thousands of students in getting enrolled in Internships and continues to…

With the belief that Highschool students are capable, Opportunities to pursue a career in high school need to prevalent – and Alacrous is set to enable these opportunities.

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