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Highest Quality 4X4 Equipment Systems From Bars-n-racks

Press Release: September 16, 2016

If nothing but the best will do, Bars-n-racks offers the world's best roof racks and rack accessories that easily attach to your 4x4 top with no drilling and no fuss. Bars-n-racks offers true smart gear for the world's toughest outback adventures.

High quality 4x4 equipments systems at Bars-n-racks offer on-road sophistication and off-road strength:
All equipment sold at bars-n-racks are engineered for modern vehicles and offer unmatched strength, functionality and are super light-weight. Beautifully engineered, the 4x4 equipment mounted on your vehicle give it a mean, rugged look – one that spells sheer power. Each piece is engineered to meet the exacting demands of the Australian outback and even the most hard-core professional adventurers will appreciate the sheer quality on offer. Moreover, the manufacturers randomly tests samples in the harshest possible environment to make sure the equipment will not fail.

Take the roof racks for example – the brands stocked at Bars-n-racks include Whispbar, Rhino-Rack, Thule and Rola. Unlike most standard roof racks, these are manufactured with high density aluminium and designed specifically for off-road use.

The Rhino awning rack kit for example, has superior load support slats that fit perfectly on the side profiles and are secured via locking nuts. This design creates a joint support that is stronger than the standard roof racks. The new beautifully designed carriage as well as the rear and front slat design increases the strength of the entire rack, making the Rhino rack the best for your off-road adventurer trip.

Most of the roof racks sold at bars-n-racks are made from high-grade aluminium which, on average are 30% lighter than steel. The all-aluminium racks can withstand far greater stresses at 30% less weight which translates into better strength-per-weight i.e. you can carry 30% heavier loads without risk of failure. The overall low profile means there is less danger of the rack touching the roof of any underground car parks or garages.

The top quality roof rack design means no unstrapping, untying or un-netting the contents of your roof rack just to remove one item. The uniquely designed t-slot slats and slotted side rails offer a greater degree of mounting flexibility and loads are independently secured anywhere on the rack.

Bars-n-racks also offers customisation of your roof racks in Sydney. For example, more slats can be added to the roof rack you select. This creates a larger platform that could be used for sleeping or sitting and enjoying sundowners. On the other hand, slats can be quickly removed so that a full size rack can be quickly reduced in size or a smaller rack can be made longer with the use of longer side rails and additional slats. In fact, expedition style rails easily be added to create the classic roof rack basket shape. Also, if any component of the roof rack gets damaged during your adventurer, the damaged part can be swapped out without having to replace the entire tray.

So if are looking for the highest quality 4x4 equipment systems, look no further than bars-n-racks – Australia's premier roof rack and, vehicle out-fitting & Towbars shop. Visit them at http://www.barsnracks.com.au/

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