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Hide the Soap. Animated Horror Comedy Superjail! is coming to DVD

Press Release: March 29, 2010

“Cartoon ultra-violence: Adult Swim’s ‘Superjail!’ is everything animation has always been - sick, twisted, violent and depraved.” Metro

On April 12 Adult Swim releases their latest animated comedy, Superjail!, on DVD and this time it’s a mind-bending spatterfest of a show. Every 11 minute episode of Superjail! is bursting at the hand-drawn seams with visceral visuals, taking the long tradition of cartoon carnage to a whole new level of depraved and, it has to be said, ‘colourful’ insanity.

Housed on an island, in a volcano within a volcano, Superjail is a psychedelic prison run by a megalomaniacal warden and his motley crew. The Warden is the whimsical heir to a hallucinatory correctional facilities empire where grotesque ultra-violence and ridiculous perversion rule the day. Despite the fast-paced and occasionally eye-watering visuals, the show’s creators say it’s all in good fun.

 “We like to think they’re just funny drawings,” series co-creator Christy Karacus says. “It’s like a 12-year-old kid’s sketchbook.”

“There really is an innocence to it,” confirms fellow creator Steve Warbrick. “I don’t think we ever tried to be shocking.”

At least once during each episode the entire plot devolves into an ‘innocent’ epic slaughter of mass proportions, as characters are killed, en masse, in every bizarre manner imaginable.

“People think it’s shocking and violent but we’re really just trying to make a funny cartoon,” Karacus insists.

Releasing at a retail price of £19.99 RRP, Superjail! DVD contains 10 episodes of 11 mins each, plus a bunch of special features - including never-released-before music video Comin’ Home by Cheeseburger, the show soundtrack, plus some amazing animatic draft sequences.


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