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Press Release: April 20, 2010

Their latest One Man Photography Chair Hide is designed to give you some quiet time on your own, whether you want to escape to the countryside or your back garden. It features a camouflage pattern which hides you pretty well when photographing sensitive subjects and has been designed in the UK for use in the UK countryside.

Designed by a team of professional wildlife photographers means that you know you are getting the best because they know what photographers want and need, and have managed to incorporate almost everything into this handy photography accessory. In addition to this it has been tested by Simon King on Springwatch and has received rave reviews.

It features two side windows, four pegs, and a cup holder in the chair. You have the front of the hide fully open and can also have the front window open on those hot summer days. It is made from heavy duty waterproof polyester and comes with a carry backpack so you can move it around when needed.

The hide from the firm that also does wildlife photography clothing, has enough room for one photographer to work in comfort. As well as this, it also has enough space for your tripod or monopod and provides shelter from the sun, wind and rain so you can photograph in almost any type of weather.

Chris Derbyshire, the Managing Director of Stealth Gear, said: Hides provide the ideal shelter and hiding place in one. If youre out photographing wildlife and need to be hidden, this product is perfect for you. Similarly, if you just want somewhere to escape to, take the hide out to the park, countryside or even your back garden for the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life.

For more information about the One Man Photography Chair Hide or any of their other outdoor photography accessories, visit http://www.stealth-gear.com or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/stealthgearuk

About Stealth Gear
If you are looking for professional outdoor photography clothing and accessories that can match your experiences as a photographer or outdoor enthusiast then look no further. Stealth Gear products are carefully designed by photographers for photographers. The firm is totally committed to delivering quality and will cut no corners to achieve their goal. They achieve this by working with the best suppliers, the most outstanding materials and by having our products challenged and tested under the most demanding conditions by professional photographers. With all this in mind they are confident they are able to achieve the very highest standards in fit, functionality and durability.

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