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Hewlett-Packard Forms Strategic Partnership with EDX Electronics

Press Release: June 25, 2015

Hewlett-Packard (HP), a leader in consumer electronics and enterprise storage solutions, has selected EDX Electronics, Inc. as its newest distribution partner. This is the next step in an established relationship between the two companies. EDX Electronics already provides HP products to Original Equipment Manufacturers through its Last Time Buy (LTB) program. With its LTB program EDX purchases End of Life (EOL) HP products, holds them up to 10 years, and ships as needed to the customer. This partnership will give EDX access to HP‘s wide range of services and allow them to make purchases directly rather than through an intermediary. Purchased products will have a direct transfer of warranty from HP to EDX to the end customer of the Last Time Buy. Provided as well is a suite of HP developer resources to help ensure quality products throughout the entire supply chain. EDX Electronics CEO Dennis Menefee had this to say, “With this partnership, we can continue to provide customer support for HP products transitioning to End of Life and have access to many opportunities that will expand the value of our Last Time Buy program.”

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About Hewlett-Packard
Hewlett-Packard is driving product innovation in three core markets, focusing on cloud, security, and big data.

About EDX Electronics, Inc.
EDX has been solving inventory issues for some of the largest companies in the world since 1991. We offer fulfillment and financial solutions for electronic inventory including end-of-life (Last Time Buy) product management and inventory recapitalization.

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