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Hervey Bay - Make A Splash!

Press Release: July 09, 2019

Welcome to the aquatic utopia that is Hervey Bay!

Snuggled along Fraser Coast, Hervey Bay has a charming personality of its own, drawing you in with its unmistakable allure. Succumb to the beckoning charm of the seemingly endless stretches of silica sands and those picture-perfect piers. No wonder why tourists flock to Hervey Bay what with families of certain 30,000 kilogram marine visitors from the South making Hervey Bay all the more special.

This brings us to the first of many aquatic activities in Hervey Bay that’s sure to make a splash!

1. Whale Watching

Whale watching excursions from Hervey Bay and Fraser Island are the most popular tours when whale-watching season comes around. Witness the gentle giants of the seas on their annual migratory journey frolicking in the azure Hervey Bay waters. Often cited to be the whale-watching capital of the world, it would be a crime to visit Hervey Bay and not partake in a Fraser Island tour allowing you to ogle freely at these leviathans of the deep. The breaching Humpback whales give world-famous gymnasts a run for their money - They’re sexy and they know it!

Most of the whale watching cruises in Hervey Bay guarantee sightings, because that’s just how confident they are of spotting these Humpback whales! One would think it’s hard to miss these giants, but a trained eye (crew members or experts on board) is sure to help you spot a few easily. If you’re lucky, you may spot a school of gregarious dolphins too!

2. Novelty Fraser Island Tour

There are several Fraser Island excursions to choose from depending on your budget and interests. However, here we like treading towards novelty and unique experiences! Marvel at the hypnotising ebb and swell of the waves crashing against the shoreline and experience Aboriginal hospitality like never before, as you enjoy a sunset cruise along Hervey Bay. The local Butchulla people give you an insight into their lives as you view coral reefs and a multitude of marine creatures, all of this while munching on delicious local delicacies.

3. Sunset Cruises in Hervey Bay

Watching stunning sunsets always make for the best of memories, so experience the magic of a Hervey Bay sunset! Sunset cruises aren’t new to Hervey Bay, but the best of the lot offer a glass of bubbly to enjoy as you take in the breath taking views.

4. Water sports

For those looking for an adrenaline rush when in Hervey Bay, we’ve got just the activity for you. Due to the proximity of Hervey Bay to the incredible Fraser Island, explore the scenic remote beauty of the area on a Fraser Island tour! Full-day tours take you to the picturesque World Heritage listed island, allowing you to discover the secret beaches and partaking in every adventure and water sport known to man! Okay, maybe that was a little bit of a stretch, but you’re sure to indulge in bush walking, snorkelling, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

5. Water park

If you’re travelling with kids, this should be right up there on the list! A waterpark is the perfect and most enjoyable way to tire out the kids for bedtime, while you parents get some well-deserved down time. The WetSide water park boasts FREE entry (yes, you heard it right), so grab your towels, sunscreen & swimsuits and get going!

“If there’s any ounce of magic on this planet, it is contained in water.”
And so, Hervey Bay is, without a doubt an enchanting wonderland
brimming with marine magic - all set to cast its spell on you!


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