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Hermes-Sojitz launches boutique hotel chain in Italy

Press Release: August 26, 2016

Hermes-Sojitz International Investment Fund in cooperation with Sotheby’s, one of the world oldest auction houses, launches a boutique hotel chain in the north of Italy by the end of 2017. The chain will include 12 exclusive hotels with 20–24 rooms. Property units for construction have already been determined and will be commissioned on a step-by-step basis. An opening of a fully implemented chain is planned by the end of 2017.

Boutique hotels are, as a rule, opposed to traditional chain hotels. Main conception of the boutique hotels is to create a unique decoration of each room as opposed to a typical design inherent to chain brands. The conception of a new boutique hotel chain by Hermes-Sojitz will combine an exclusive design and high standards of service provided by one of the best global hotel operators.

Each building of the project implemented by Hermes-Sojitz has its distinctive past. A unique history of each object creates a main peculiarity of the future hotel chain. Leading French and Italian designers are involved in the project in order to keep the balance between legacy and modern trends as well as to implement a unique idea of the whole chain.

At the present time, construction and design of Palazzo Gallo is almost finished. It is the first boutique hotel of the future chain that is located in Piedmont, the largest region of Italy. An architectural style of the building represents the best traditions of art nouveau, and the interior decoration combines wall paintings, mosaic floors, and works of pictorial art of different historical periods.

As it turned out, several large operators of international hotel chains are interested in the project. Naoki Matsumura, Chairman of Hermes-Sojitz’s Board of Directors, explains the attention paid to this project as follows: “At this moment, there are many boutique hotels in Europe. However, only few of them meet high quality standards that are provided by leading hoteliers and that are sought by guests. That is why, we see promising opportunities for implementing this project that will combine distinctiveness, unique history and design with a high level of services and quality.

According to Naoki Matsumura, close vicinity to such popular French and Swiss resorts as Courchevel, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, and St. Moritz, as well as close vicinity to Milan, the world fashion industry center, may attract tourists.

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