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Here's Why Woodworkers Should Kiln Dry Their Own Wood

Press Release: December 30, 2020

Freshly harvested lumber is considered green — meaning, it still has high moisture content and isn't suitable for woodwork applications. While wood can be naturally air-dried, this process can take a lot of time. To address this concern, manufacturers who use wood in their products use wood and log drying kilns.

These specially designed ovens provide a controlled environment for heating wood. You can set the temperature and humidity levels for a certain period of time. Generally, wood drying kilns use circulating heated air provided by steam or solar radiation.

Why Are They Important for Woodworkers

"Woodworkers'' is an encompassing term that refers to people who build products using wood (both genuine and synthetic). Also called carpenters, the finished output they produce includes cabinets, furniture, and even musical instruments.

While this profession required knowing how to use wood-making and cutting machines, it is a plus if they also have their own wood drying kilns. Here are the best reasons:

It boosts efficiency and production. On average, you can dry a one-inch green wood in only 10 hours when you use a log drying kiln. But, using this drying device isn’t only good because it can produce more heat and therefore speed up the whole woodworking process — it’s also guaranteed to produce a cleaner burn and pathogen-free wood products.

It gives woodworkers control over the kiln drying process. As mentioned, these kilns give users the ability to control temperature and humidity levels. This way, woodworkers will be able to dry their wood according to the moisture content they need for their products.

It aids in process documentation. Besides quality control, some kilns are also equipped to store data about the temperature or humidity level woodworkers used in a particular set of time. This makes it easier for them to trace potential problems should a wood-related concern arise.

It helps build and protect their reputation. Wood drying kilns are considered an asset. And with the addition of this type of equipment to a woodworker’s arsenal, he or she can leverage it to boost his or her reputation in this field. A woodworker that has control over the wood he or she uses can claim that he or she can make more quality final products.

It saves them money and gives them more business opportunities. Because of increased efficiency and productivity, things will be more cost-effective for woodworkers if they invest in kilns. However, it doesn’t only help in saving money and time. It can drive up sales and even provide more business opportunities for woodworkers. In the long run, it can be crucial in helping their business thrive in the rather competitive woodworking industry.

Kiln Makers You Can Rely On

Established in 1975, Kiln Services Limited produces quality wood and log drying kilns to help woodworkers dry their own wood at a cost-effective rate. They also offer a wide range of control systems that can accommodate various budget parameters and application requirements. Send your enquiry via info@kilnservices.co.uk or call them at 01621 785 935.

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