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Hempstead Therapy Centre Offers Comprehensive Line Of Services For Your Total Wellness

Press Release: November 29, 2020

Serving clients of all ages, the Hempstead Therapy Centre (HTC) is a premier institution that offers a comprehensive line of services dedicated to their patients’ total wellness. From general physiotherapy Medway and osteopathy to spinal therapy and acupuncture, they have the competent and well-trained medical professionals to help you with your concern. Here are the services they provide at reasonable rates.

General physiotherapy. As one of the leading therapy centres that specialise in physiotherapy, HTC’s team of physiotherapists are dedicated to helping patients affected by disability, injury and degeneration restore movement and function. They utilise both manual therapy techniques (e.g. Specific manipulations, nerve mobilisations) and supporting techniques (e.g. Taping technique, acupuncture shockwave therapy).

General osteopathy. Working in collaboration with physiotherapists, HTC’s osteopaths are Medway’s most trusted experts in musculoskeletal health — their goal is to release tension, improve range of mobilisation, and relieve or manage pain. They combine a number of methods and treatment techniques tailored to the individual needs of their patients. They also offer specialised osteopathy services to infants, children, and women).

Specialised spinal and manual therapy. Also called manipulative therapy, HTC uses this technique to improve clinical outcomes related to neuro-musculoskeletal conditions. With their targeted and controlled approach, the specialists at HTC show great expertise when it comes to achieving a wide array of functional improvements.

Acupuncture/dry needling. As attested by their high success rate in treating different conditioning using dry needling, HTC utilises acupuncture to improve blood flow and manage healing at a specific area. This technique, which has been practiced since the ancient times, helps reduce pain by deactivating certain trigger points on an individual’s muscle.

Shockwave therapy. A pioneering clinic in using this non-surgical therapy in Medway, shockwave therapy delivers impulses of sound and air generated energy to the damaged tissues of a patient. Evoking an inflammation-like response, the body then increases blood flow to that area and subsequently catalyses the metabolism in the injured tissue.

Supporting services. Apart from the main services they offer (e.g. Physiotherapy Medway), they also provide the following supporting services to help their patients achieve total wellness:

Chiropody and podiatry. These treatments concern problems related to lower limb, especially the foot and the ankle.

Mindfulness well-being therapy. HTC’s specialists use this encompassing therapy to help patients meditate and enhance their mental health.

Sports therapy. As sports enthusiasts are more prone to developing neuro-musculoskeletal conditions with the nature of their activity, HTC offers therapy services catering to their specific needs.

Foot and facial reflexology. To further alleviate their patients’ stress levels, HTC provides foot and facial reflexology services. These help bring relaxation to the specific area involved.

Lymphatic drainage massage. This particular massage aims to aid in removing toxins and wastes from a patient’s body tissues through enhancing the movement of lymph fluids.

If you’re searching for the best names in osteotherapy and physiotherapy in Medway, the Hempstead Therapy Centre has the answer you’re looking for. Discuss how they can help you and call them at 01634 393113. Learn more about them at https://www.hempsteadtherapycentre.co.uk.

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