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Hemp Oil UK Demand Continues to Skyrocket in 2020

Press Release: June 03, 2020

All Round CBD announce a continued rise in demand for hemp oil UK in 2020. 

All Round CBD is a leading CBD specialist operating in the United Kingdom. This company caters to clients looking to enjoy the health benefits provided by the cannabis plant. CBD are cannabinoids.  

The company has a proven track record for their years of experience and their extensive selection of top-quality CBD products. All items are selected based on quality to ensure clients secure the full benefits they deserve.

Laboratory reports can be found on the company website, enabling clients to purchase with peace of mind. 


All Round CBD has a small team of professionals who are focused on helping clients choose the right products that work will achieve the best end results based on their requirements. Such as Turmeric and Hemp oil that’s effective in relieving inflammation, improving heart health, and helping to reduce pain. 

The hemp oil has been manufactured to strict regulations and the company ensures they offer their full range at competitive prices, ensuring their clients needs are met. Their full range can be found on the company's website, designed for ease of use and overflowing with valuable and detailed information to help clients make the best selection to meet their needs.  

During a recent interview, the Director at All Round CBD, Shyam Kotecha said “We have seen a significant rise in demand for our hemp oil products. We are passionate about what we do and have paid close attention to detail to ensure we only stock the purest and finest quality hemp oil products for our clients to choose from. Our team is on hand to provide advice and assistance, ensuring our clients make the right purchase based on their unique needs.” 

The team is excited for the future as the demand for hemp oil continues to sky-rocket in the United Kingdom. The company is delighted with its success and have prepared themselves for a busy year ahead. 

About Us: All Round CBD is a leading hemp oil specialist operating throughout the United Kingdom. This very well established company caters to clients via their information-packed website, which is overflowing with a versatile selection of CBD products, including oils, capsules, and sprays. The company is passionate about what they do and focuses on providing clients with all round health and well being CBD products they can use with confidence. All Round CBD offers competitive prices, a choice of flavours and quality products. Full details can be found on their website at http://www.allroundcbd.co.uk/.

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Shyam Kotecha

Tel: 07891772252

Email: sales@allroundcbd.com

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