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Helppier is the first digital adoption platform to integrate with Canva design tool

Press Release: August 09, 2020


Around 4 years ago, Helppier’s mission started with improving overall online user experience and reduce frustration through interactive user guides that require no coding or IT skills. Since then the team has been evolving their product and strengthening its integration abilities.

Now with the launch of Helppier 4.0 and amidst a worldwide pandemic, Helppier identified the need to shift its path slightly to improve the way product and marketing teams communicate business changes with users, through appealing popups, banners, warnings, and other types of in-app messages.

With powerful customization tools and ready-to use templates, this new version became even more valuable by introducing a quick integration with the Canva design tool. Making Helppier the first ever digital adoption platform to integrate with free-to-use design tools like Canva.

"With this integration we want our users to completely unleash their creativity when designing in-app messages. We want anyone to be able to create and publish engaging onboarding tours, tooltips, banners, and popups without any help from their development or design teams." Explains Hugo Magalhães, founder & CEO at Helppier.

This integration provides an easy and quick way to bring Canva designs into Helppier and use them as backgrounds or images for its in-app messages and user guides. It pushes all boundaries when it comes to design as it allows creating dozens of combinations, in just a few minutes.

Every aspect of Helppier’s in-app messages can be customized including the color pallet, size, position on the screen, header, and footer. With this integration with Canva, users are able to bring their messages even further using illustrations, gifs, infographics and other appealing images.

If you'd like to try this new version you can sign up at www.helppier.com for a free trial

Notes to editors

For more information, please contact:

Hugo Magalhães

Tel: 936394234

Email: hugo.mag@helppier.com

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