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Helping travellers to and from the UK affected by the Icelandic volcanic ash

Press Release: April 21, 2010

With news that the ash from Eyjafjallajkull, the volcano in Iceland may not subside this week despite hopes to the contrary, disruptions to flights are expected to continue.

Andrea Osborne, the director, explained: I was meant to go to Rome on Thursday so I can completely sympathise with people who are where they dont want to be, I was lucky that minutes before I left for London Heathrow a colleague noticed my flight had been cancelled. Even at that stage wed had a couple of calls from clients affected by the earlier cancellations at Scottish airports. We have organised alternative routes and accommodation where necessary for clients. One client is safely home today after cushion the impact sourced a ticket from Brussels to London from Deutsche Bahn when Eurostar said it no longer had availability. For other clients we have organised the refunds of their flight costs.

cushion the impact offers a tailored lifestyle management service in London and Scotland and thanks to its alliances throughout the world, the company can help clients both within and without the UK.

Anyone affected by the flight restrictions can get in touch with either office with their requirements and the teams will do all they can to assist.

Due to cushion the impacts flexible pricing structure, clients can ask for immediate assistance. There are no membership or joining fees, clients pay for the time used.

cushion the impact offers lifestyle management and concierge services with no membership or joining fees. Clients have a choice of paying an ad hoc hourly rate of £40, or of buying blocks of hours for a discounted rate with prices starting at £27.50.

cushion the impact - making time for you
London: 0207 704 6922
Scotland: 0150 663 1795


For further information contact
Andrea Osborne
cushion the impact - making time for you

London: 0207 704 6922
Email: andrea@cushiontheimpact.co.uk

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