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Helmut Elstner wins 2020 Three Best Rated® award for top-rated Mortgage Brokers in Belfast

Press Release: March 18, 2020

Purchasing a house or a property can be exciting but never easy. Especially getting a loan would be the biggest hurdle one has to face to attain the title of "Home Owner." Having an independent mortgage broker by your side can reduce a lot of stress for you. Unlike a bank based mortgage advisor, who works for only one bank or a lender, mortgage brokers have connections with multiple lenders and have access to exclusive mortgage deals. They can easily find you the best mortgage deal for your needs.  Helmut Elstner is one of the top-rated mortgage brokers in Belfast. He started his own business, "The Mortgage Clinic" in 2015. Today, The Mortgage Clinic has three branches in Belfast, City East, Lisburn Road, and the Ormeau Road.
So, how did Helmut make all this possible in such a short time? We asked Helmut Elstner to share his journey with us.   The beginning: "I joined the financial services industry in late 2012 after being made redundant from a global Pharmaceutical company earlier that year," Helmut says. He decided to start his own business so he would never have to go through that experience again.  He started as a self-employed mortgage and protection adviser with a local network advice company. He worked with them for just over two years before opening "The Mortgage Clinic" in early 2015.  What sets them apart? The Mortgage Clinic aims to deliver mortgage advice in a friendly, relaxed, but professional manner. "Customers can expect the highest standard of care, service and the best results when they use our services," he says.  They are the highest-rated mortgage advice company in Belfast and N.Ireland by Google and have hundreds of 5-star reviews. "We are an open book, customers can read our reviews, and see for themselves how we pride ourselves on the standard of work, and the results we deliver to our customers," he further explains.  Top-rated mortgage brokers: Helmut and his team are thrilled to be listed in Three Best Rated® as one of the Top-rated Mortgage Brokers in Belfast. "I am very pleased to be listed! It's always nice to be rated and listed by an independent organisation," he says.  "It's a testament to the awesome client reviews we have built up over the years and shows how hard we work for our customers and the results we get," he further adds. Helmut believes that this is all part of the 'open book' policy he has been trying to build where clients can see what service they are likely to receive before they even call them or come for an appointment. He used a bitter experience as a motivation to design a business and brand. Not only did he created a brand, but he also made it as one of the top firms in that region. " It has taken a huge amount of blood, sweat, and tears, but it has been worthwhile," he says proudly.  CONTACT INFORMATION: The Mortgage Clinic - Belfast: 68-72 Newtownards Road, City East Business Centre, Belfast,  BT4 1GW. Phone: 028 9560 9410 Email: info@themortgageclinicuk.co.uk Website: https://www.themortgageclinicuk.co.uk/

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