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HelloFace launches Photorealistic Face Swap app

Press Release: January 08, 2021

With AI-powered deepfake videos, your happiness is just one swap away -

Everyone dreams of living in an alternative reality at least once in a lifetime. But is our tech-driven era capable of fulfilling one's imagination of resembling an iconic character? The velocity at which the entertainment industry is witnessing an upsurge of face swap apps affirms the previous claim. HelloFace is a latest addition to this deepfake industry, but might not be an ordinary one.

Bringing two distant worlds of machines and human emotions together is what it stats to achieve. Utilizing the fundamentals of 3 steps; Record, Swap, and Share, it pledges to provide a wholesome and diverse user experience, and sophisticated app-features.
And with futuristic technologies AI and ML, recreating a well-acclaimed scene with a user's face or giving an applause-winning performance is a click away. Translating people's dreams into a reality was never easier and quicker, says HelloFace.

Here is how it quotes its purpose of being, "Oftentimes, businesses run after technology's materialistic aspects. But they forget that at the core of any cause are people, and humanity should never cease to prevail. And that's why the app's milestone is to recognize and give platform to every individual's sentiments and creativity with face swap videos.

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