Home Heartbound: A love story which transcends not merely different cultures, but remarkable realms.

Heartbound: A love story which transcends not merely different cultures, but remarkable realms.

Press Release: June 18, 2015

Are there other realms and civilizations out there in distant galaxies? In P I Alltraine’s Heartbound there are – and we find an ambassador from one making his way to earth. How he copes with cultural barriers is amusing but more enthralling is his take on an 18-year-old human girl and just how much of himself he’s willing to give, as well as reveal.

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United Kingdom – Set in London, Heartbound is the author’s first published novel and should appeal to young adults as well as female romantics and fantasy fans. It’s written in a fun and warm-hearted manner but leaves one of its main characters with an extremely serious decision to make.

It’s a book whose characters at times appear to jump off the page - something which the author is more than familiar with herself.

She said: “What surprised me about writing this book was that at times the characters really came alive to the extent they often did what they wanted. I know that makes me sound a little insane but what I mean is that I’d be writing about a character and waiting to see what they did next. I didn’t seem to have any control over their destiny. There were times when their actions astounded me.”


A future leader of his realm Petyr is tasked with saving his people following the onset of a fatal disease. He’s aware that this came from the human race in the first place and so it’s there he must go in order to understand its cause and find out how to cure it. This is despite the fact he holds the human race in disdain.

While he’s there however, things don’t exactly go according to plan. Instead of embarking single-mindedly on his sober mission Petyr meets an 18 year old girl who does things to his emotions that he can’t quite fathom or control. Petyr is falling in love and he can’t afford that – the lives of his future people are dependent on his successfully returning to his own planet.

Despite the risks that exposing his real identity would bring Petyr he believes it’s worth it – even if it puts both him and the object of his affections in the gravest danger they could ever imagine.

Heartbound by P.I.Alltraine is available via http://www.soulmatepublishing.com/

About the Author
A multi-award winning poet and author, P.I. Alltraine spends her days teaching English Language and Literature in London. She has a degree in English from Queen Mary University, London and a post graduate in Teaching and MA from the UCL, also in London.

Her poems Kites and The Gift have appeared in separate anthologies and she has won several poetry competitions. A video of her spoke word poem ‘Unmoving’ is available from Spoken Word Revolution.

The author spent a lot of time in the Philippines where she was ensconced in a world of dark myths and enchanted tales – traces of this young adult learning can be found in her fantasy writing. Although she has moved around and experienced a number of different cultures in doing so, she has always enjoyed the constancy of writing in her life. Her favourite authors include John Milton, Virginia Woolf and James Joyce.


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