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Healthy School Food Program Ideas for Kids in NJ

Press Release: June 05, 2020

We at Karson foods make student nutrition a vital component of the school food service. We create an atmosphere of excellent customer service and care for every student.

We make student nutrition a clear addition of the classroom and a learning environment for nutrition education along with presenting parents with the best school food programs for their money.

Why Only Karson Food:

Meal Nutrition and Menu Planning
Meal Delivery
Wholesale food services
Preschool meals
Top notch quality food services and catering provisions
Daily cooked, portioned, sealed and delivered Food from our kitchen
We provide Nutrition food in comparative price
Our 15,000 square foot facility is centrally located, enabling us to food service and catering all areas of the state.
Our school lunches program are prepared fresh daily in our state inspected commissary.
Our Employee use hand gloves for hygienic food
Our menus for private school food services in NJ follow USDA nutritional requirement. This means that Karson Foods School Lunch program follows stringent regulations and guidelines.

Call us: (732) 922-1900 or
Visit us: http://www.karsonfoods.com for further information.

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