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Healthy Pets Supports Government Scheme to Make Microchips Compulsory

Press Release: March 09, 2010

The measures set out by the home secretary, Alan Johnson, are to address the growing concern of dangerous dogs in our communities and status dogs being used for intimidation. The RSPCA saw a 12-fold increase in the number of complaints about dog fights between 2004 and 2008. Johnson is expected to give further details of the scheme in a speech on crime and antisocial behaviour.

The Labour proposal has been developed to extend the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, to cover attacks by dogs on private property, covering those whose role job involves them working on private land e.g. postal workers. The law currently bans the ownership of pit-bull Terriers, dogo Argentino, fila Brasileiro and the Japanese tosa. The extension will also make third-party insurance compulsory so that victims can be financially compensated.

Under the proposed scheme all dogs will legally have to be micro-chipped. A small chip is injected under the skin of the dog; the chip holds a unique identifying code which can give the dogs name, breed and owner contact details when read. The cost of micro chipping ranges from £10-£35, however many dog owners already register their dogs on the national PetLog database. Owners who fail to comply with the scheme will likely face a fine.

Mark Effenberg, Chief Executive stated that any legislation that was created following serious debate and concentrated on the curbing of irresponsible pet ownership was to be welcomed. He added Healthy Pets Insurance was delighted to already be offering 3rd party cover to responsible UK Dog owners via healthy-pets.co.uk It is not yet known how the scheme will be implemented, however a likely approach will be to concentrate on puppies first.

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