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Healthy Pets backs plan for microchipping dogs at birth

Press Release: April 16, 2010

The issue of making dog owners microchip their pets has been one that has been at the forefront of news in the past month, with a report by the Dogs Trust and Kennel Club recommending that all owners do so to help avoid problems with inbreeding. The government also stepped on the microchipping bandwagon earlier this month, calling for enforced third-party insurance and microchipping of dogs. Whilst this was later retracted, the issue of compulsory microchipping is one that hasn’t gone away.
As a company run by animal lovers, Healthy Pets - one of the country’s leading pet insurance specialists – fully supports any schemes that will improve the welfare of animals. Mark Effenberg, Healthy Pets Chief Executive, explained how microchipping dogs at at birth will help to improve canine health. “By microchipping puppies from birth, the process of monitoring canine health problems will be made hundreds of times easier and more effective than ever. Owners will be able to find out if their dog has come from a puppy farm, and genetic problems will be able to be alleviated by careful breeding.”

Thanks to years of dangerous inbreeding, many of today’s pedigree dogs have a number of health problems that have occurred as a direct result of their genetic make-up. The King Charles Spaniel is a perfect example of this, with a skull that is too small for its brain. This and other problems originate from puppy farming, and by using microchips to identify these issues breeders can help prevent them.

Healthy Pets, along with many other dog experts, all agree that microchipping is the way forward. Maybe the government was a little premature when it called for compulsory microchipping for all dogs, but it is only a matter of time we feel before it becomes law…

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