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HealthTech Newcomer nOink Offers A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Press Release: February 05, 2019

Healthtech newcomer nOink have launched their healthcare platform by offering up a challenge to the global rare disease community to engage with them by Rare Disease Day on 28 February 2019. They will build a workable care management application for the chosen rare disease within two weeks of that date.

With a call for more action and less talk, the team at nOink aim to show the power of their platform to build a bespoke care management application for any disease – rare or not - in a short space of time.

nOink is the next generation of mobile health platforms, offering families and carers a single platform to help them manage, organise and share data on any health condition. nOink allows patients to take control of their health by giving them the flexibility to manage several conditions simultaneously on a single platform using condition packs.

“The packs are the key to the platform,” Trevor Gill, CFO explains. “And its main USP. There are loads of apps that deal with single conditions, i.e. they only help you manage one medical condition at a time. But none of these apps talk to each other. There is no way you can monitor each of your conditions together and see if there is any correlation between them.”

Liam Holohan, CTO continues, “As a platform, nOink not only allows for building and running multiple packs that users can pick from, but it also has a multitude of features that enhance the user’s care management experience. It allows for patient-controlled data sharing, dashboards, export functions, private chat functionality, instant multi-lingual functionality and more. If we have a request to build a bespoke functionality or a new condition pack for a client, we can do this in relatively short time because of the power of the platform.”

The power of the platform allows the team to build packs for any condition and this is done reliably through the close engagement of patient advocates who ensure the team are using the correct building blocks to build a useful tool for that condition. The nOink team see themselves as enablers of technology to help those living with long-term illness.

At the same time, the data collected is owned by the users themselves. With increasing awareness of how personal data is used, nOink hands control of data back to its users. For those living with rare disease, sharing data with clinical researchers allows them to help both themselves and others with the same condition. www.noink.me/rare

Main features:

• Multiple conditions: manage several health conditions simultaneously in one place
• Multiple users: manage the health of multiple members of your family
• Record anything, symptoms, treatment, observations and share with clinicians
• Multiple languages: multiple users can use the same packs in different languages - live
• Alerts, calendar, task lists, document management and reminders

Families living with rare disease should get in touch and a pack will be developed for the chosen rare disease.

For more details, please contact Trevor Gill. Visit: www.noink.me

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