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Healthcare for the Cost of Your Coffee Habit

Press Release: June 15, 2017

Healthcare for the Cost of Your Coffee Habit
That Starbuck's Latte is quite delicious. Just four bucks, you get a nice caffeine rush, and it helps get you through your afternoon. Mind you, your latte is really costing you twenty dollars per week, and eighty dollars per month. I won't tell you the yearly cost as you just drank away your Caribbean vacation. What about your healthcare? You don't have any, but that's not important, right? It's too expensive. Actually, if you put your coffee down for a moment, you'll want to know about an option that costs less than half of your coffee habit. Yes, $29.95 per month, for a family. The company is The Access Organization, also referred to by its acronym, T.A.O. (taomembers.com). What they offer is quite extraordinary.
“The Access Organization was created to provide an affordable healthcare solution” says Vince Prezioso, CEO and Co-Founder. “We feel that we’ve accomplished that with a program that is comprehensive, and provides excellent medication access as well as great service.” Members have access to 24/7 Board Certified Doctors over the phone or online video who can diagnose and prescribe medication, if necessary. You are able to speak with a doctor, and can even have a “face-time”-like experience with a doctor right from your phone, as well as send pictures if needed. To see a doctor, members have a Health Advisor service to research doctors, obtain the best rate possible, and even schedule the appointment for them. Advisors also arrange non-emergency surgical procedures, saving patients an average of 66% over the past year, as well as negotiate upcoming or outstanding medical bills with an average reduction rate of 50 to 70% over the past year as well.
T.A.O. also gives members access to over 6,000 brand-name monthly maintenance drugs for $25.00 per month or any group of brand-name maintenance drugs for $45.00 per month. This is regardless of the retail cost of the medication. Over 60,000 other brands and generics are also available at pre-negotiated rates. The only additional fee is a one-time $25.00 registration once the member is matched with their medication and agrees to receive it. “When people ask me how much this is, they really don’t believe me,” says Prezioso. The cost for a family is $29.95 per month, and that includes all calls to the doctor and health advisor. The discounted rates will apply to the other services; dental, vision, hearing, prescriptions, diabetic supply, and vitamins. New members can sign up directly on the website, taomembers.com, and be active in three business days. You can also leave your information at bit.ly/2taoinfo and someone will reach you. To watch a brief two minute video about the program, go to bit.ly/2taovideo. Vince’s personal favorite is to direct new members to a webinar. He says, “It gives the best explanation of our product. I always say, give me

ten minutes of your time, and I’ll show you how we can save you and your family thousands of dollars.” The webinar can be viewed at bit.ly/2learntao.

Prezioso had his own personal experience in the early days of developing The Access Organization when he was prescribed Vyvanse for ADD which was costing him $250.00 per month. He was able to get it through The Access Organization for $25.00 per month. “I saved about $8,000.00 in three years from my own program,” he says. "People tell me all of the time that it sounds too good to be true. Then I ask them how much they spend on coffee every week. And if they would rather have a doctor in their back pocket for less than the same price. If you try us, you'll love us. There’s no contract, and if you don't love us, we give you a 30 day money back guarantee." A few cups of coffee, or resolving an illness on the spot with a smartphone is not a difficult choice. Then again, for $24.95 or $29.95 per month, what’s the risk anyway?

About The Access Organization
Founded in 2012, the mission of The Access Organization (T.A.O.) is to provide individuals and families access to a discount healthcare program that is easy to use, reliable, convenient, and delivers savings on a wide range of products and services. Membership is active in three business days. No contract. No cancellation fees. 30 day money back guarantee. Visit taomembers.com for complete program information and taomembers.com/disclosures for disclosures.
The Access Organization, LLC 275 Madison Avenue
6th Floor
New York, NY 10016
844-RING-TAO (746-4826)
PR: ashu@taomembers.com
Groups: groupdiscounts@taomembers.com taomembers.com

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