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Health Is More Important Than Beauty and Wealth for Singletons in 2010

Press Release: December 30, 2009

Its that time of year again when we all evaluate our lives over the past 12 months and set ourselves goals for the year ahead. Every year members of the free dating website Smooch.com are asked what they hope to achieve in the coming year, and once again members revealed their goals for 2010.

Nearly half of the members surveyed (48%) hoped to be healthier in the new year. This rose by six percent in comparison to last year. In contrast, only 7% set themselves the goal to increase their attractiveness; this fell from the 10% in the previous year.

With the increased media exposure of issues such as obesity, binge-drinking and the effects of smoking in the past year, it is likely that people are taking note and working from the inside out.

Despite the credit crunch of 2009, only 16% of members aimed to be wealthier in the coming year. Interestingly, this also fell slightly from 18% last year. Whether people feel more comfortable in the economic climate or have simply become accustomed to it is unclear, however it appears to have had little impact on our hopes for the future.

Women were most likely to make resolutions to be more attractive and more healthy in 2010 whilst men were more likely to aim for wealth. In contrast, last year, men were more likely than women to aim for wealth and attractiveness.

Members of the free gay chat and gay dating website ManCentral.com were asked the same question, the results were relatively comparable with that of Smooch. However, in contrast to the 7% of Smooch members, 13% of Man Central members hoped to achieve greater attractiveness through their New Years resolution. Similarly, whilst 16% of Smooch members aimed for wealth, 20% of Man Central members surveyed hoped to be richer.

Overall, despite gender, age and sexuality, for the members of both www.Smooch.com and www.ManCentral.com health was their main aim for 2010.

The survey from Smooch also found that:

* Cancerians were the most likely to aim for a healthier lifestyle in 2010. Aries were the most hopeful of increasing their attractiveness, whilst Capricorns were the most likely to aim for wealth in the New Year.
* Heterosexual members of Smooch.com were more likely than bisexual and gay members to not make a resolution at all.
* Younger members were most likely to aim to improve their health and attractiveness, this gradually declined as age increased.
* Those aged 31-35 were most concerned by their financial status in 2010.

Smooch.com polled 1,456 members and ManCentral.com polled 1,254 members over a 2 hour period. Detailed statistics & breakdowns available on request.

About Smooch and ManCentral:
Established in 2007, Smooch.com is the UKs fastest growing dating website. It has all the features of expensive dating sites but is completely free to join and to contact all members. It has 450,000 active members with around 1000 new members joining every day. Smooch.com was featured in the Times Business supplement and in The Economist in 2009.

ManCentral.com was launched in 2008 and has over 129,000 members, primarily from the UK and Ireland. The site allows gay, bisexual and curious men to join, create an online profile and contact other members of the site for free. Users of the site have free access to the forums, chat room, instant messenger and email features.

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