Home “He Does Not Die A Death of Shame” by Jack Hoffmann is published by New Generation Publishing

“He Does Not Die A Death of Shame” by Jack Hoffmann is published by New Generation Publishing

Press Release: November 19, 2019

ISBN #978-1789555660

“He Does Not Die A Death of Shame” by Jack Hoffmann is published by New Generation Publishing

An enthralling chronicle of two young men - one white, one black - in apartheid South Africa

About the Book:

The destinies of two young men in apartheid South Africa become inexorably intertwined in their pursuit of what is right.
Zak Ginsberg is shaped by his parents' sad histories. Awareness of the Second World War, his Jewishness and the status of the black population slowly infiltrate his consciousness.
Mpande Gumede has spent an idyllic childhood in rustic Zululand. At high school, he realises for the first time, that he is a second-class citizen.
Zak studies the art of saving lives. Mpande pursues the craft of destroying lives. Both are drawn into the anti-apartheid struggle. The one acts because his ancestors were victims, the other because he himself is a victim.

Newspaper and Amazon reviews:

The Jerusalem Post

''The novel’s epic proportions, sharp political context and Hoffmann’s keen eye for detail make for an engrossing and enlightening read.''

The Jerusalem Report

''Hoffmann.... is a fine writer....
Be warned: This is the kind of book that might cause to you to smile or even laugh as you read it, but it will ultimately make you cry. Once you start reading it, though, you may not be able to put it down.''


''A splendid book which juxtaposes the needs of conscience and one's place in society.''

''A rare gem fusing literary genres....
(It) does not take us down the beaten path and feed us the same clichés we’ve heard before. Here, novel insights are presented in a beautiful, elegiac language, and a profoundly gripping and genuinely unique ending turns everything on its head.And throughout all of it, heartwarming humor bubbles beneath the surface, making the pain of the characters just a little less terrible to endure.....
I would recommend it to anyone who seeks something more from a novel than just a quick thrill, and who would like to be challenged, emotionally as well as intellectually.''

''A Wonderful Historical Fiction Dealing WithAnti-Apartheid Activism in South Africa''

''Jack Hoffmann has produced a superbly written novel...
This is a subtle, thoughtful work that deserves a wide readership.''

''Riveting....This is a skillfully-written book about two young men in South Africa as their paths cross in pursuit of what is racial equality.''

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