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Hazox Takes Up Initiative to Help Small Businesses Cut Costs

Press Release: July 23, 2020

Atlanta, Georgia, US- The widespread disruption to business and daily life caused by COVID-19 has left a vast number of people wondering, “What can I do to help?” Hazox Compliance Solutions has assembled a number of professionals who are taking a stand to answer that question by offering their services at significantly lower rates to help small businesses.

This latest initiative by Hazox is the company’s attempt to bolster small businesses with an understanding that ‘unconventional times require unconventional measures.’ As the world restarts, not knowing what the following months have in store for us, small businesses face uncertainty and even a threat to their existence. Attempts to adapt or advance service/business models will require top-quality services, but many cannot afford the associated top-quality prices.

Hazox Compliance Solutions, a chemical regulatory compliance management company, is leading the charge to assist local businesses offering a range of industry-leading services that will reduce the impact of the disruption inflicted upon them by forces beyond their control. The company has opened up its professional network of experts to offer quality services to small businesses at significantly reduced costs.

These services include:

Legal Consultation:
• Contracts and Agreements Support/Advisory
• Risk Management Consulting
• Intellectual Property & Trademark Services

Human Resources and Staffing Services:
• Recruitment Support
• Management Consultation for Dispersed/Virtual Teams
• Employee Retention Strategy Implementation/Sustainment

Graphics & Video Production Services:
• Video Creation and Editing
• Content Development/Support
• Online Distribution Strategy/Consultation

Hazox stands firmly behind its network of vendors and independent professional services providers. Supporting vulnerable businesses is necessary not just from a moral point of view, but also from an economic perspective. Further details and support services will be announced as they become available!

For more information, visit: https://hazoxcompliancesolutions.com/professional-network/.

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