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Haslar Hospital - The Ultimate Filming Location

Press Release: February 02, 2010

The Original Hospital,
An imposing and institutional style building, greats you as you enter the Royal Haslar Hospital. The building spreads itself impressively over the centre of the site and could double as a school, prison, military barracks, or of course....a hospital! The institutional style building can be used however you wish and will provide a great backdrop for a feature film or TV production!

Empty Hospital Wards,
With dressed and vacant hospital wards, the scope for a production with a medical theme is vast. Whether your production needs a period location, or something more contemporary, The Royal Haslar has the lot. After being built in the 18th Century for injured sailors and marines, the hospital has been constantly added to and so, whatever look you need it will be on this site!

Accident and Emergency Hospital
Not an A&E ward, not even an A&E wing, the Royal Haslar Hospital has its very own A&E Hospital! Starting with its own emergency drive-through unloading area, the hospital is simply a fully dressed A&E set ready to go! Main reception desks, waiting rooms and treatment booths all remain in place and would be ready for a production to start immediately!

Out Patients
Such a big hospital meant that nearly all facilities and treatments were offered. Now it is closed, we have to opportunity to offer these great filming locations, such as X-Ray rooms, consultation rooms, plaster rooms, treatment rooms, day wards, fracture clinics...the list goes on (and on)

Officers Mess
With a military past this hospital looks, in part, just like a military barracks or base. The site has a medical mess, which could double as an officers mess with ease. Large living spaces with open fires, bars, residential rooms and long corridors these buildings are great all rounders! Surrounded by ornate lawns and stunning sea views, these outbuildings provide that something extra!

Town Houses
It does not stop, the different locations on this site just keeps going. Have a look at these brilliant Georgian town houses, seemingly out of place within hospital grounds. But, never mind, it just provides your production with yet another option at this ultimate filming location!

What about the rest...
Production offices, set build, unit base parking, power and water. All the practical elements are in place so that you can arrive and begin your production immediately! Boring lunch breaks will be a thing of the past as you can relax on the seafront, with a stunning sea view. Plus at the end of the day, no horrible rush hour traffic, just stroll to the onsite accommodation and get you head down! Just another day filming at The Royal Haslar Hospital!

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