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Has The Snow Affected Your Garden Furniture?

Press Release: March 11, 2010

Along with the obvious wilting flower baskets the most noticeable objects in many gardens are tables and chairs and of course the iconic garden bench.

When you buy a bench or table you expect it to survive the winter months and remain intact for the summer period. However if you do not buy treated wood or opt for the anti weathering materials it may be that your furniture ages rapidly. You may think that purchasing furniture for your garden is quite straight forward but without a little consideration it could be time consuming and costly further down the line.

Metal garden furniture is the best choice if you wish to leave your tables and chairs outside all year long without worrying. Cast aluminium furniture is especially low maintenance with being able to survive from bitter frost, snow and strong sun rays.

Tredecim, a leading outdoor furniture retailer suggests that when buying a piece of furniture for domestic use it is beneficial to think practically. Checking to see if the material is likely to rust or rot over a short period of time. There is nothing worse than being able to spot a chipped worn away bench amongst a beautiful fresh flower arrangement. It is also quite uplifting to know that when purchasing a Tredecim aluminium garden set, it is made from 100% recycled aluminium which ensures the manufacturing process is ecologically friendly.

With summer approaching it may be worth thinking about creating your perfect sanctuary. There are many ways to make your garden look attractive and appealing, ready for the summer. Look out for unique designs and crafted floral patterns that add a touch of style and design.

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