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“Harvest” by Quig Shelby is published

Press Release: April 02, 2020

 ISBN #979-8629233855


“Harvest” by Quig Shelby is published

Aliens save Earth from a viral pandemic, but for what end?


About the Book:

The world’s crops have been destroyed by a mysterious virus, and the end of mankind draws near. However, the Grey aliens from Xi Boötes, the constellation of the farmer, have coincidentally come to the rescue. The Greys have promised to take everyone to a better world, one with fertile land, clean oceans, ample living space, and without war and want. But it could be a perilous journey for in the universe humans do not sit atop the food chain. Helping the Greys evacuate planet Earth are their mysterious transhuman helpers. And will disturbed psychologist Cornelius Aka unlock their secrets or follow most of the planet to its ultimate destination?


About the Author:

No one let me into their world so I invented a few of my own; paranormal romance, fantasy, science fiction, and dystopian. Welcome to my Universe.

I never had an anchor nor a compass, so I sailed wherever the prevailing took me – sometimes to paradise but often to a wasteland where I dreamed of better days. Mood swings are the switch of creativity.

My motto is, 'Under pressure, underestimated, going down but not going under.'

My favourite quote is, 'Normality is a pavement comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it,' by Vincent van Gogh.


Excerpt from the Book:

“President Bezel addressed the nation almost every hour, and this time he had the best message of all; the aliens had a new home for us. It was uninhabited by intelligent life, and rich in resources, fertile land, and water, with animals to tend and oceans to fish. New America they called it, and there was a New China, a Brazil Two, and Greater Britain. In fact, there was a planet for every nation on the Earth such was the size of the universe. And if you wanted a multicultural world, that was on offer too; just tick the box on your ticket, which unlike our currencies couldn’t be counterfeited.

The Earth was cheering, for humanity had a second chance, and those calling for a black planet or a faith-based paradise would get their wish. I was worried that it seemed too good to be true, but I couldn’t ignore the spaceships in the skies, and humans weren’t as bright as we once thought.”


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