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Hartford Control Offers Performance Management Solutions To Improve Overall Manufacturing Efficiency

Press Release: November 19, 2020

When you’re in the manufacturing industry, assessing your production performance is important in keeping things optimised: You should gauge if you’re producing quality output while costs and risks are being minimised. At Harford Control, you’ll get access to comprehensive performance management solutions -- which include vision inspection and average quantity control among others -- all geared towards improving overall manufacturing efficiency.

Established and widely respected in the industry, Harford Control owes its state-of-the-art solution to its research-driven efforts to help manufacturers manage their operations at optimal capacity. They are supported by their four decades of experience marked by the success and growth of their clients. If you’re looking for a solutions provider that can get you ahead of the competition, here’s what they have in store for you.

Vision Inspection. Guaranteeing 100% inspection, the company offers in-line cameras to provide quality image-based inspection -- no matter what your product is. Because they offer unrivalled component matching capabilities, they ultimately help clients increase production speed while preventing errors.

Average Quantity Control. Making the most of their client’s resources, Harford Control’s average quantity control solution is recognised for producing minimum wastage. Thanks to their sophisticated approach, optimum control can be achieved even if the packing or bottling process features high levels of variation.

Short Interval Control. Trade your traditional whiteboards to a more efficient tool that grants access to Short Interval Control, real-time. Their platform boasts simple visualisations, which make it easier for both managers and manufacturing line operators to keep track of their production output.

OEE. OEE or Overall Equipment Effectiveness is a parameter used to measure the actual performance of a manufacturer’s production processes. With the help of Harford, you can boost your output without necessarily needing additional workforce or even capital investments. At the end of the day, it's all about producing more using the minimum amount of resources.

Autocoding. Through Harford Control’s autocoding, you can primarily minimise human errors when it comes to printing date codes as well as using the right packaging materials and labels. While ensuring that your business is duly compliant with industry standards, this solution also significantly reduces production costs.

Paperless Factory. Less paperwork means less human error and more efficiency. Through the company’s automated documentation, problems can be identified more easily and traceability can be conducted more effectively.

Live Reporting. Like any other business operations, the manufacturing process also involves a number of crucial decision making scenarios. To make it easier for your organisation’s decision makers, they offer TrafficLights, which allows people to view up-to-date information and monitor key performance indicators. This tool is also equipped with an instant-notification feature for speedier actions from the management.

Hardware. A modern and efficient manufacturing facility is not complete without touchscreen terminals. Harford offers sleek and durable hardware designed to directly capture data and meet your monitoring requirements.

Harford Control is a globally trusted provider of manufacturing performance management solutions, which cover vision inspection to average quantity control. Know more about them at https://www.harfordcontrol.com. You may get in touch with them via email at [email protected] or via telephone at +44 (0)1225 764461.

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