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Harris Associates opens new London office

Press Release: April 20, 2016

A rapidly expanding company is establishing itself in London as it bids to help other companies grow.
Harris Associates already has established bases in England and Wales and now it is opening an office in London where it will offer a range of services for other businesses.
Harris Associates specialises in writing tenders for companies and helping them to win new contracts which lead to growth and new job opportunities.
Company Director Robert Harris spent 30 years evaluating tenders and this invaluable experience has enabled him and his team to write tenders landing multi-million pound contracts for clients.
‘London is a dynamic city with lots of businesses wanting to grow and it was only natural that we should decide to set up a London office and help businesses there to succeed.
‘We can offer them tendering support, both public and private, and our track record includes our largest win of £500 million for a Manchester based company.
‘Now we would like to bring that level of success and greater to businesses in London.
‘There are a number of ways we can innovatively market a company, we can create links between businesses to help maximise growth, and can make sure the right people come on board to sustain that growth through our head hunting service,’ explained Robert.
He launched the head hunting service when some companies that had won large contracts found it difficult to recruit the best talent.
Now Harris Associates helps companies win contracts and then uses a national network of contacts to bring appropriately skilled candidates for new jobs.
Robert, 48, added, ‘This is an exciting time for our company as we are expanding rapidly in ways to help grow businesses.
‘We have a team of professional tender and bid writers on board with experience from asbestos to water hygiene, from bailiff services to undertaking.
‘We have also completed tenders in construction, civil engineering, money collecting and enforcement, gas maintenance, asbestos, security, IT and the care sector.
‘We have helped many companies by searching for opportunities, completing PQQs (Pre-Qualification Questionnaires) and writing tender documents that compete with and better their peers.
‘Our head hunting service is available to new clients and it is not limited to companies that are using our tendering service.’
Head hunting is also being used to tap into the university student market and hunt down the right graduate, even before they graduate. This frees up time that companies would normally spend on recruitment and to allow them to concentrate on their business.

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