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Harman/Kardon BDP 10 reviews published by Televisions.com

Press Release: January 14, 2010

January 14, 2009 - In a review released today, Televisions.com gives its appraisal of the Harman/Kardon BDP 10s design and output quality. By combining laboratory measurements with subjective picture- and sound-quality evaluation, the team derived an overall rating for the Blu-ray player of 7.6 out of 10 points. The review applauds the players excellent 24p output and its support for BD-Live.

But although the team gives credit to the players automatic film-mode detection for DVDs, they also criticise the lack of motion-adaptive de-interlacing for Blu-rays. Criticism also goes to the players photo playback, which the review says lacks horizontal resolution. Televisions.coms head tester and editor-in-chief, Florian Friedrich, said: Itll have a hard job establishing itself among the ever-growing competition, since many cheaper players perform just as well and offer better features.

The design impressed the reviewers, but they point out that the player matches other Harman/Kardon devices - and that this might be many buyers only motivation to spend more money on a less-capable device. Operation gets the thumbs-up from Televisions.com - both the remote control and the on-screen menu impressed. But the reviewers found the players disc drive unnecessarily loud - and slow.

The review then turns its attention to a detailed analysis of the picture quality. With Blu-rays, for example, clipping appeared in the reviewers test patterns, and flicker was seen on moving diagonal lines. Televisions.com offers users some advice on how to set up the player to get the best output; and, once the player is set up correctly, the review pays tribute to its low-judder, flicker-free progressive pictures. With DVDs, the review recommends leaving the 1080p up-scaling process to the connected display, but praises the flicker-free output, even from discs with no progressive flag. Sound quality also gets a grilling, but manages to impress the reviewers, who praise the unusual inclusion of DTS re-encoding for Dolby Digital tracks. Televisions.com also liked the analogue stereo output via cinch, although the review notes that this output failed to match the quality of the optical audio connection.

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