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Harlequins Enigma News & Summer Releases 2019

Press Release: July 11, 2019

it's been around 10 years since harlequins enigma was founded back in 2008, by åge riisnes & sara jensen. time has seen many releases since their debut period in 2008-2010. it grew many fruits including collaborations & solo tracks. harlequins enigma's td sound were albums that stood out among others in their discography. td sound 1 received 5 out of 5 stars by ariel publicity, which was reviewed by melissa nastasi (featuring tangerine dream, klaus schulze, peter baumann & christopher franke). through harlequins enigma's journey in sound, katie leung & elin berge, along with åge's family stood as co-members & were a great resource. owner åge riisnes' background from the early 90's to late 90's on the amiga platform, were bricks that he carried with him, & is heard & recognized in their own sound. mau tracks was their last release before doing some rushed worx (according to åge) in: steamy kitchen & moral game from june 2019. in 2013 through 2019 harlequins enigma has compiled a range of genre only based albums, as well as best of compilations & mixed compilations including rock only album: "raw tangent k" & classical/newage only album: "a diary", released in 2019. this summer sees the release of a new single in the world/electronic genre, called "reso (underground city)". the track goes in kitaro inspired mood with hints of classical elements onboard. the track was professionally mastered at nhtunes.biz by bob desmarais. the album cover for reso was done by graphicboi at fiverr.com - reso is available now at cdbaby.com - & more stores like google play & Spotify will soon follow. harlequins enigma says that despite him having a muscle disease & weak bones, & also being in a schizofrenic corner of his life where he's had lots of bad strokes to the head & other places, he still manages to get by & is at the bottom glad at heart. he says a beating doesn't dicipline people. he also says fatigue caused by it can be a pain in the arse, but copes.

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