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Harland Simons Power Solutions Manufactures And Supplies UPS And Lead Crystal Batteries

Press Release: October 13, 2016

Harland Simons Power Solution is one of the most respected and renowned UPS manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The company has been in operations since over 20 years and is also the first company in the country to source and make use of the cutting edge Lead Crystal batteries that are eco-friendly, has less carbon footprint and are more reliable. Moreover, the lead crystal batteries do not cost a bomb and fits into the budget of the UPS buyers quite easily.

Harland Simon Power Solutions provides a wide range of batteries to fit the needs of different customers, which includes the CNFJ stationary range and EVFJ light traction range. There are many UPS that falls under these two categories and customers can choose as per their requirements. If the customers are confused as to what kind of battery would meet their requirements, the professionals at the company would be more than glad to help them understand the functions and features of different UPS and batteries and which one would meet their requirements perfectly.

The main reason why Harland Simon Power Solutions shifted its focus to lead crystal batteries is because they are durable, reliable and low maintenance. People these days are looking for low maintenance battery that doesn’t dry up too soon, or doesn’t need replacement too often. These are the problems with the general lead acid batteries and other alternative batteries available in the market. However, with Lead Crystal batteries, one can be sure of being able to use the UPS for a long time. Also, these batteries are known to work efficiently in just all kinds of extreme conditions, including operating efficiently in +65 degree Celsius or up to -40 degree Celsius. The batteries are conducive for storage for up to 2 years without any additional charging required.

The construction of this low maintenance battery by Harland Simons are such that there are no leakage and comes with 3 year warranty. The high rate discharge of up to 10c helps in better performance as well. The life of these batteries is much longer than general batteries available in the market. Customer service of the company is attentive and responsive and can answer any and all queries of the customers with ease, briskly and efficiently.

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