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Harland Simon UPS Solutions And Lead Crystal Battery - Best Alternative For Power Supply

Press Release: September 14, 2016

There are many Power Solution companies that have made quite name in the UPS and inverter market. Harland Simon UPS Solutions is one of such UPS and inverter manufacturers in the UK. They introduced their company to the UPS market in the year 2012 and are in demand since then.

Harland Simon UPS Solutions takes pride in being the UPS manufacturer that imports their products worldwide. Their standalone products including lead acid battery are in demand, from the time the company discovered the right compartment that can store great quantity of electricity supply without damaging the inner components of UPS.

Even though Harland Simon Power Solutions came into existence decades ago, it was then known as one of the small businesses that will not prevail for longer years. Three years after the business start up, the UPS manufacturing company became the company that brought cutting edge technology to the world of UPS and inverters.

The best qualities of the UPS that are manufactured by Harland Simon UPS Solutions are many, and hence are the right choice for such environments that suffer from unstable AC power supply. The UPS will offer service for more than 24 months without any need to repair or replacements, and can work up to 1500 cycles and also with 80% DOD, and so on.

The lead crystal batteries are the right choice even for multitude applications. Even though the power supply is quite high, there will be no damage to the inner components that are installed in a UPS.
The added benefits of installing lead crystal batteries include easy transportation option, safer to use even for domestic purposes, environmental friendly, can resist all challenging temperature conditions, can be recycled once its shelf-life ends, will not require continuous charging for hours of usage, etc.

Some of the applications of the lead crystal batteries are in defence industry, communication services, healthcare companies, power generation companies, industrial purposes, data and IT centres, oil and gas services, traffic signal units, vehicles, security services, water supply companies, etc. The battery is available in multiple sizes and the companies use the right battery that they see fit for their requirements.

If you are interested in purchasing lead acid batteries manufactured by Harland Simon UPS Solutions, then all you have to do is visit the postal address Bond Avenue, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK1 1TJ. You can even call them with the contact number +44 (0)1908 565656. You can even mail them your queries to the email id Icbsales@hsups.co.uk. Know more information on http://www.leadcrystalbattery.co.uk/.

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