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Happy Creative revamp UK's biggest timber supplier website

Press Release: July 13, 2016

Designers at Lancashire-based Happy Creative have added their expertise to a technically advanced website which will help the growth of the UK’s largest timber firm.
For a business which works round-the-clock for its customers, BSW Timber needed to engage with their visitors 24-7. From the early risers to the late night web surfers, the £300m turnover business required a website which reflected the values of the company.
Using this concept, designers at the Blackpool full-service agency came up with the idea of a constantly changing homepage so whatever the time of day they visited they could see BSW was “constantly working for you.”
BSW is the largest integrated forest products company in the UK and has turnover grow from £163m to more than £300m over the past five years.
James Chantler, Creative Director at Happy Creative, explained: “The concept ‘constantly working for you’ is a statement of fact. At any moment of the day BSW employees are doing their jobs. From employees delivering logs to the timber yards, converting logs into planks and boards, selling, distributing and supporting, there is always something happening.”
Happy used its strategic planning and web design expertise to plan individual customer journeys throughout its new site. The result shows a website which demonstrates how BSW works to please its clients and appeal to potential advocates.
An extensive gallery of images used on the homepage also illustrates the working day through the eyes of BSW and the journey the business takes from the trees used to the final products and the processes used by its employees and customers, encompassing every element of their growing business.
James added: “We wanted to convey the message that something is always happening at BSW, it’s not a 9-5 business and we wanted this concept to play its part in the design of the website.
“Happy wanted to make it clear in the design the ambitions of BSW and a clear statement that, as a business, the timber company is ever-changing to meet the demands on a dynamic customer base.”
Eve Johnson, Head of Group Marketing for BSW, said: “BSW employed the Happy team to create a new corporate website that clearly communicated the changes within our business. We challenged them to come up with an idea that was fresh and didn’t follow the norms of our industry.
“We loved the idea “We are constantly working for you” with a timeclock that changed the homepage image every minute. This allowed us to have some fun with elements of the photography as well as showcasing the scale and scope of our business.
“As ever the enthusiasm and creativity of the Happy team drove the project’s success.”
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