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Handling Sales Enquiry/Inquiry and Quotations has never been easier

Press Release: September 13, 2016

Sales Inquiry management is the initiation of the customer interest or inquiry into products or services of a business. Many of today’s organisations have implemented SAP or other major ERP solutions. A few external modules for these ERP solutions are available in the CRM space, which are quite expensive and are rigid especially for tracking the enquiries and quotations before a customer order is placed. A well architected software tool is necessary in this space which is also cost effective for organisations.

To facilitate sales enquiry tracking and ensure quotations go out in time, IOP Technologies is offering the software for Sales Enquiry Management. This SAS software application has email based enquiry, intuitive usage, reports, analytics, SLA, escalations, multi location support, multi-category support and so on. This company also offers free demo for starter. On top of these all new customers are offered 10% discount on this software for limited period of time.

An existing client says “Good productivity improvement after we started using this software and plugged holes in the process which ensured zero lost opportunities”.

To know more about this software, please visit www.inquirymate.com


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