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Press Release: June 17, 2020



As the world continues to live in an unpredictable reality, alliances and intiatives have begun to emerge for the chaos. The Hand Back campaign is born of a group of musicians and creatives whose entire way of life has been upturned by the global pandemic, COVID-19. Not one of the 14 strong team, based in six countries, are used to quiet or isolated situations. The best word that describes them is troubadours. They are the ones running ahead of the campaign, spreading the word and rabble raising for a cause that they believe will make a difference, not just for a moment, but, for an age.


What could a gang of musicians do, if they put their collective, creative heads together? Some might say that, “you can’t make this shit up,” well, the team at Hands Back say, “just watch us!”


Unlike the “normal” people who live their working lives 9-5, the Hand Back team were not built with on/off switches, so, their world has become a constant shift between time zones and skill sets. Like many of their fellow nocturnal creators, the Hand Back musicians have given up twiddling their thumbs and decided to unite whilst remaining socially distant.


The meeting point for the #HandBack 14 is one of London’s most legendry venues, The Troubadour. Work, play and everything in between has happened on the hallowed ground in West London for the last 66 years and, while it may be silent this month and others the follow, the spirit is still going strong.


Last weekend, The Troubadour opened its doors for the first time since London’s Lockdown took effect to offer takeaways to its tribe of friends and family. The goal for everyone is to remain healthy both mentally and physically. Music is undoubtably the best remedy for your wellbeing, so, over the coming weeks, The Troubadour will be experimenting with ways to bring back live music to fill the silence. For the physical side of things, Hand Back will be launching this week with hand sanitiser and face masks both designed for The Troubadour.


The face masks are available in 10 designs and are 100% cotton with a built-in filter, additional filters will also be available. Much like the virus that they are fighting, Hand Back and its partners at The Troubadour and Seven Wonders will be evolving over the weeks to come with new innovations appearing as they are created.


£19.99 per mask

£2.99 Hand Sanitiser


All items available at The Troubadour












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