Press Release: February 08, 2010

As businesses are inundated with CVs, 50% of employers stated that they have dismissed applications because of poor spelling, grammar, formatting and covering letters.

With employment still at a record low, the UKs only student and employer matchmaking site, www.studentgems.com, asked 872 businesses across the UK how they compile their shortlists from vast numbers of applications.

32% stated that the shortlisting process is more cut throat than 2 years ago. Due to the vast increase in applicants recruiters feel they have to be brutal in turning candidates down.

Businesses have always scrutinised applications for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Shortlisting the best candidates is a priority and therefore those making careless mistakes are dismissed.

Studentgems.com believes there are many ways to increase the chances of being shortlisted and hired. When applying for jobs, they recommend 5 top tips:

1)Double-check CVs, covering letters and emails to ensure they are perfect.
2)Gain relevant work experience.
3)Demonstrate specific examples of your skills and how they relate to the role.
4)Research the business.
5)Express real interest and enthusiasm for the job.

From the research and their own experience of student and employer interaction, studentgems.com has also compiled the following list of the top 5 most common spelling, grammatical and communication errors:

1)Using text speak to communicate with employers, in particular the use of 'i' instead of 'I'.
2)Not checking spelling. Amongst the most common mistakes are the incorrect use of where/were, there/their and college/collage.
3)Communication is too informal with the use of 'hiya' and 'cheers'.
4)Poor grammar, punctuation and formatting. Inappropriate use of capital letters, commas and full stops together with a lack of attention to detail when setting out letters and emails.
5)Failing to respond promptly.

Commenting on the research, Sue Harrison, co-founder of studentgems.com said:

Applying for a job is a time consuming process. The aim is to make your application stand out from all the rest and the information you give should be accurate, relevant and interesting. Our 5 top tips really are important and we have more advice on our website.

She continues:

Businesses want to hire the best person for the job and like to see relevant experience. However it is also important to tell them a little about you so that they can see if you would be a good fit with the team.


For further information on studentgems.com, its founders Joanna Ward and Sue Harrison or to look at successful case studies of students who have made money and improved their CVs through using the service please contact Gabrielle Lofthouse 01452 348211 or email on gabrielle@10yetis.co.uk or Twitter @Gabriella_PRowl

Link: http://www.studentgems.com

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When two company directors needed a photographer for a project on a tight budget, they reasoned that a student would be able to do the job. They eventually found a student who did an outstanding job, gained valuable experience, was paid £300 and saved the directors an estimated £300 in the process.


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