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Half of Women Admit Their Sense Of Direction is Terrible

Press Release: March 03, 2010

The UKs leading courier matchmaking service, www.Boxby.co.uk, which enables users to post jobs that couriers can then bid on to deliver, has conducted research to look into the stereotypical image surrounding women drivers, to find out whether there was any truth to the label. The site, which enables couriers to bid on items to deliver, surveyed 1,957 members of the public to see who thought they were the superior sex when it came to roads, rage and route planners.

Of the 1,087 women that responded to the survey, nearly half, 47%, admitted that their sense of direction wasnt very good, with two thirds of those saying that they relied on a Sat Nav for the majority of long distance journeys. Of all the female respondents 1 in 4 said that they found themselves lost on a regular basis and, of these, 2 in 3 revealed that they did so in their own city.

Boxby.co.uk found that of the 870 men surveyed, 85% of them said that their sense of direction was very good, whilst only a small number, 11%, thought that it could use some improvement. Whilst most men thought that their sense of direction was good, 35% of women didnt agree, stating that the men they knew had trouble with directions quite often.

72% of men said theyd prefer to drive looking for a location than stop to ask for directions. Three quarters of women said this was a trait they found annoying.

29% of women admitted that they had asked a partner or friend to park their car, due to their lack of ability, whilst 42% said that they would drive past a space in a car park if it looked too difficult to get in to. 53% admitted to avoiding parallel parking at all costs. 1 in 5 said that multi-story car parks made them nervous.

When it came to the issue of reading maps, 78% of women polled said that this was an area where they excelled, with over half of those, 53% saying that they did so better than their male counterparts. 72% of the men quizzed said that they didnt feel that they needed a map or Sat Nav and two thirds claimed to have never been beaten by a parking space.

Sandra Patterson, Managing Director of Boxby.co.uk said;

Theres no doubt that there is a certain stereotype surrounding female drivers, which is a real shame. I think our study proves that men often think they are the stronger sex when it comes to driving, especially in terms of confidence. Although a lot of women said they had a bad sense of direction, this really isnt too much of an issue when you consider the growing use of satellite navigation systems.

I think a lot of it comes down to pride and women being more ready to admit that they arent the best at finding their way around, but the fact that quite a few said they got lost on a regular basis in their own city was a little surprising. Long distance journeys are a different matter, but I dont think its a bad thing to forget your way, as most people (including couriers) regularly rely on Sat Navs!

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