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Half of Brits use snow as excuse to skive off work

Press Release: January 13, 2010

The bad weather last week caused mayhem up and down the Country with 63% of businesses having shut for at least one day this week due to the snow.

User-courier matchmaking service www.Boxby.co.uk surveyed 1,029 people regarding the weather chaos and found that 49% of those questioned used the snow as an excuse to have time off, citing issues such as problems with transport when they could in fact have made it in to work.

A further 36% of those asked owned up to having taken more than one day off last week using transport issues as an excuse when they could have otherwise travelled into work.

23% said they would try to gain more time off again this week if the snow continued over the weekend.

35% of those questioned admitted to lying about a lack of public transport in order to get time off and a further 12% lied about school closures so they could have fun in the snow rather than go to work.

Just 1 in 3 of the study respondents said that they physically could not have travelled into work at some point throughout the last week.

Office workers were the biggest fibbers according to the study, with 2 in 3 admitting to using the snow as an excuse to have time off, followed by retail workers and restaurant staff with 59% and 56% respectively.

Boxby.co.uk also polled nearly 500 of its 2000 registered couriers and surprisingly found that only 5% of those had taken any time off due the weather conditions, with 7 of those having actually slept in their van over night to maximise their working day, to ensure all deliveries were been made.

Sandra Patterson Co-founder of Boxby.co.uk had this to say of the findings

"It's not surprising really that people have bent the truth in order to get a day off due to the bad weather, as its the perfect excuse something many bosses can't argue with.

What is amazing is to know that so many of our couriers have still made it into work and braved the snow to ensure that all deliveries have been made. They clearly are a dedicated bunch who won't let a bit of snow stand in the way of getting their job done. So couriers we salute you and lets hope the weather improves this week!"



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Despite only launching officially last year, thousands of Brits have already sent items across the country with nearly 2000 registered couriers across the country.

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