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Hacking Social Media: How Hejar Abdi Grew A Social Media Influencer Empire

Press Release: May 14, 2020

You can't deny it, if you are trying to grow as a company or band in 2020, then any form of social media can contribute in some shape or way to your cause. Whereas 10 years ago when the majority of the companies were still having doubts whether to actually have an advertizing budget on these platforms (some were saying social media is bad due to the addicting nature and how we constantly compare our lifes with eachother), nowadays we see that most of these same companies have their own social media department, fully focused on providing content. Because whether we accept it or not, the majority of us is actively on it. From this, came a new breed of athletes, celebrities and young entrepreneurs who have taken the advantage of this new digital landscape of limitless business opportunites. One of them is the 26-year-old Dutchman Hejar Abdi.

Abdi grew up in Amersfoort in the Netherlands and always had a fascination with creation. His love for cartoons and japanese anime made him create simple frame-by-frame flash animations as a kid. His interest and autodidactic mindset made him develop many self-taught media related skills in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, HTML, CSS, Neuromarketing and many other beneficial tools for acquiring an online successful business. Something he eventually gained for the first time through Instagram in 2016.

Abdi's formal studies however was something very different then media or business. His love for physical fitness inspired him to start studying Physiotherapy at the Amsterdam School of Health Professions in 2011. Abdi was only 16-years old back then. Short after his graduation in 2015, he went on a vacation to Tokyo Japan, where he was greatly inspired by both the city and country. After coming back he tried to find a job as a physical therapist in his hometown, but couldn't find any. This feeling of helplessness combined with the big homesick he felt for Japan, awakened the entrepreneur inside Abdi.

He inspired to be in a position where he could travel where he wanted, when he wanted, while earning his money passively. A desire that has become much more mainstream and even achievable nowadays due to the availability of the internet. This same desire led Abdi down the path of affiliate marketing. This type of businessmodel allows the affiliate to sell other people's products on their own platform, while gaining a margin of the profit.

Abdi would mainly use Instagram in order to promote such products. Allowing him to earn a relatively good income passively. Although setting up the accounts and creating the audience did require some work prior. He would use follow/unfollow method, buying/selling shoutouts and creating authentic unique viral content in order to grow his account exponentially.

However due to affiliate vendors at the end of the actually being the product owner, Abdi felt more of a salesman that is selling products than an actual entrepreneur with his own business. This perspective change made him stop selling other people's products and start doing projects he was passionate about.

He became a content creator for high end brands and influencers. helping them to grow on different social media platforms. His most famous client remains Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, former partner of Jay-Z and co-founder of Rocafella records. In 2020 he also started to create content for himself, which led to his notoriety and succesful rise as a Tik Tok star, gaining more then 1.2 million worldwide views in total.

Currently, Abdi most well known work is being a social media influencer and consultant for high end influencers/brands/ambassadors and he also still provides physical therapy related courses at offices throughout the Netherlands for the prevention of physical neck/shoulder/back complaints.

Hejar Abdi can be followed on:

Tiktok: @imhejar

Instagram: @hejarabdi

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