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Gurin Digital Kitchen Scale reviews by caterer and Chefs

Press Release: June 26, 2017

"Gurin Digital kitchen Scale is very useful to measure the quantity of various kitchen ingredients while cooking. Here we discuss what professional chefs and caterers think about this gadget.
Digital kitchen scales is an essential kitchen tool especially for the professional chefs and caterers who have to cook meals in large quantity. Recently a group of proficient chefs and caterers has reviewed the Gurin digital kitchen scale. Let’s have a look what they about this product-
• Configuration- Advanced touch buttons, flat glass platform, bright display screen and ultra sleek design make it one of the attractive and useful kitchen gadgets which every chef like to buy and place at their kitchen shelf.

• Durable- Gurin Digital scale has a long lasting tempered glass surface which is very powerful in compare to other glass platforms. It is specifically made for kitchen use so easily measure the quantity of any type of ingredients such as liquid, solid or semi-solid without getting damaged.

• Weight assessment- This product calculates the exact weight of the ingredients within a few seconds and displays it on the screen. Its 4 high precision GFX sensors work very efficiently. It has capacity to measure the quantity from 0.05Oz to 10.8Oz or 1 gram to 5750 grams which makes it useful to pick the ingredients in right quantity.

• Display quality- There is a bright LED display screen that immediate shows the up to date quantity of the ingredient. Its blue backlit display screen looks very elegant with the black colored surface.

• Power source- This device is featured with 2 lithium batteries with an easy accessible battery slot. For minimize the battery consumption Gurin has powered it with auto power off function which helps to save lots of energy. You can also see the low battery indication at the display screen of digital scale.
In short as per the opinion of the chef and caterers, this gadget have the entire essential feature which can be used for large scale cooking. So go ahead and order it to make delicious recipes.

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