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Gullivers Sports Travel Launch School Sports Tours Itinerary

Press Release: February 04, 2010

The Schools Tours Team at Gullivers Sports Travel has put together a rich and diverse itinerary for this seasons school sports tours. From Zulu dancing on a school sports tour to South Africa to white water rafting on a French Alps school sports tour this itinerary promises something for everyone.

Gullivers has built up a fabulous reputation for their playing tours for schools and clubs around the world in team sports such as football, tennis, rugby, cricket, hockey and netball. In 2009 for the second year running Gullivers was named the Best Sports Specialist by South African Airways.

Now with the FIFA 2010 world cup approaching all eyes are fixed on the captivating location of South Africa and Gullivers has the knowledge and relationships here to offer your school the sports tour of a lifetime. Sports tours to South Africa include rugby, football, cricket, squash, golf, tennis, netball and rugby union. For the young people travelling on these tours the time zone means no jet lag, there is no language barrier and the cost of living and excellent sporting facilities, as well as the natural beauty make it a perfect destination.

Or for something a little closer to home Gullivers has a range of European school sports tour destinations. Hop over to Ireland where the Irish are incredibly passionate about sport and it is one of the few European destinations to host netball fixtures. The Irish people are world renowned for their warm welcome and hospitality. In Ireland schools can enjoy Gaelic football, netball, football, cricket, hockey, golf and rugby union.

If your school fancies somewhere warmer then consider a trip to Portugal. Affectionately known as Sportugal it is a wonderful sun, sea and sand destination where the people are very proud to be friendly and also of their marvellous food. Tours here are football, basketball, netball, cricket, golf, rugby union and tennis.
European school sports tours destinations include also France, Germany, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Holland, Italy, Malta, Belgium, Spain (inc. Majorca) and of course various locations within Great Britain.

Further afield Gullivers can take your school to South America where your team can enjoy being matched against teams from Argentina, Chile and Uruguay of all ages and abilities. Argentina is known as the Paris of the Americas and offers entertainment for all tastes, has an incredible range of attractions and great food. Football there is one of the most vital aspects of life!

Chile is a country of contrasts with deserts in the north and vineyards in the central valley and glaciers in Patagonia in the south. Football is the most popular sport here followed closely by rugby and girls hockey is becoming popular. Uruguay is located in the south-eastern part of South American and borders with Brazil. Here the main sport is also football and the national team is one of only five to have won the FIFA World Cup on two or more occasions. School sports tours to South America include football, rugby union, tennis, hockey, basketball and golf.

Other worldwide destinations include Antigua, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Cook Islands, Dominica, Dubai, Fiji, Grenada, Hong Kong, India & Goa, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Namibia, New Zealand, Samoa, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago and USA. Gullivers are fully bonded giving you complete security and also run familiarisation trips for you.
If you are looking to take your team on a school sports tour, call our dedicated team on 01684 293175 or check out our website for more detail.

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